PJHC Minor Requirements

For a complete listing of PJHC requirements, please consult the General Announcements.

For questions, or to discuss or declare the minor, please contact one of the PJHC Co-Directors of Undergraduate Studies, Dr. Moramay López-Alonso or Dr. Kerry Ward, or the PJHC Director, Dr. Diana Strassmann.

PJHC minors must complete 6-8 courses (18-22 credit hours, depending on course selection):

  • PJHC 371 Poverty, Justice, and Human Capabilities
  • PJHC 394 Human Development in Global and Local Communities
  • 3 Electives, one each from the categories of Global South, Race and Ethnicity, and General Electives

and meet the capstone requirement, selecting one of the following four options:

  • PJHC 470 Advanced Seminar in Poverty, Justice, And Capabilities (3 credits total)
  • HIST 499 Black at Rice: Histories of the University (3 credits total)
  • Community Bridges Sequence: SOCI 469 Community Bridges Training and SOCI 470 Inequality and Urban Life (5 credits total)
  • Seminar and Practicum in Engaged Research Sequence: SWGS 494, SWGS 496, and SWGS 497 (7 credits total)

Additionally, students must complete a total of three PJHC Service Credits.