Spring 2019 Courses

Information subject to change; please consult the course schedule. It is possible there are additional, eligible electives not included in this list, as well as offerings in the course schedule that may be considered for PJHC elective credit. Please send any inquiries to the Program Administrator at hg16ATrice.edu. This page last updated October 26, 2018.

Note: For courses that cover different topics each semester (as noted by ** Not all topics ** in the list below), please consult with the Program Director and Administrator prior to registration in order to ensure the course will fulfill PJHC elective requirements.

Core Course
PJHC 394 – Human Development in Global and Local Communities

Capstones and Capstone Course Sequences
SOCI 470 – Inequality and Urban Life
SWGS 496 – Engaged Research Practicum
SWGS 497 – Engaged Research Seminar

General Electives
ANTH 381 – Medical Anthropology
[ANTH 477 – Special Topics in Anthropology
The topic for Spring 2019 is “Ceramics and Society,” which is not a pre-approved Special Topic for PJHC electives credit. If you are interested in this course, please consult with the course instructor and share the syllabus with the PJHC Program Director and Administrator to see if this topic will count toward the PJHC minor.]
BIOE 360/GLHT 360 – Appropriate Design for Global Health
ENGL 382/SWGS 380 – Feminist Theory/Environments
HEAL 222 – Principles of Public and Community Health
POLI 378 – Politics of American National Security
PSYC 331 – Psychology of Gender
SOCI 306/SWGS 324 – Sociology of Gender
SWGS 201 – Introduction to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Studies

Global South Electives
HIST 271 – History of South Asia
HIST 407 – The Rise and Fall of Slavery in the Atlantic World, 1791–1888 [also listed as a Race and Ethnicity elective option]
RELI 315/ASIA 315/SWGS 315 – Gender and Islam

Race and Ethnicity Electives
ASIA 399/MDEM 379/SWGS 399 – Women in Chinese Literature
ENGL 393 – Black Manhattan 1915–1940
HIST 111 – Red, White and Black in Early America; Creative Racial Identities in the Era of the American Revolution
HIST 208 – Race and Medicine in American History
HIST 330 – Atlantic Slave Trade and the Origins of Afro America
HIST 342 – Modern China
HIST 407 – The Rise and Fall of Slavery in the Atlantic World, 1791–1888 [also listed as a Global South elective option]
JWST 338 – Becoming Americans: The Jewish Immigrant Experience in the United States
POLI 459 – Sex, Gender, and Political Representation in Latin America
SOCI 301 – Social Inequality
SOCI 309 – Race and Ethnic Relations
SOCI 470 – Inequality and Urban Life [if another capstone or capstone sequence is taken in addition to SOCI 469 and SOCI 470 Community Bridges, then SOCI 470 can count for a Race and Ethnicity elective]