Fall 2019 Courses

Information subject to change; please consult the course schedule. It is possible there are additional, eligible electives not included in this list, as well as offerings in the course schedule that may be considered for PJHC elective credit. Please send any inquiries to the Program Administrator at pjhcATrice.edu. This page last updated April 8, 2019.

Note: For courses that cover different topics each semester (as noted by ** Not all topics ** in the list below), please consult with the Program Director and Administrator prior to registration in order to ensure the course will fulfill PJHC elective requirements.

Core Course
PJHC 371 – Poverty, Justice, and Human Capabilities

Capstones and Capstone Course Sequences
SOCI 469 – Community Bridges Training
SWGS 494 –Pre-Seminar in Engaged Research

General Electives
ANTH 381 Medical Anthropology
GLHT 201 Introduction to Global Health
BIOC 122 Biology for Voters
HEAL 222 Principles of Public and Community Health
HEAL 380 Disparities in Health in America
HIST 220 Mexico: 1910 to Present
HIST 312 Biomedical Approach to History
HIST 423 American Radicals and Reformers
SOCI 423 Sociology of Food
SOCI 465/SWGS 465 Gender and Health
SWGS 101 Introduction to Women & Gender

Global South Electives
ECON 450 Economic Development
ENGL 397 Topics in Literature and Culture
GLHT 314/CEVE 314/BIOE 365 Sustainable Water Purification for the Developing World
HIST 220 Mexico: 1910 to Present
POLI 238 Special Topics (Minimum of 3 credit hours)*
RELI 111 Introduction to African Religions

Race and Ethnicity Electives
EDUC 304 Race, Class, Gender in Education
ENGL 369/SWGS 329 The American West and it’s others
ENGL 371/SPPO 354/SWGS 354 Chicano/A Literature
HIST 216 Black Life in the nineteenth century United States
HIST 220 Mexico: 1910 to Present
POLI 325 African American Politics
PSYC 333 Multicultural Psychology
RELI 216 Religion and Black Lives Matter
RELI 312 The Religious Thought of Martin L King, JR. and Malcolm X
SOCI 301 Social Inequality
SOCI 343 Race, Society and Population Change
SOCI 437 Sociology of Education
SOCI 451 Immigration in a Global World
SPPO 410 The City in Latin America
SWGS 348/JWST 348 Sex and Gender in Modern Jewish Culture



Capstone Courses
PJHC 470: Advanced Seminar in Poverty, Justice, and Human Capabilities

*The following capstone options may also be offered in the spring (TBD)
HIST 421: Race, Education, and Society in the Urban South
HIST 484: The Black City: African American Urban Life in the United States