Fall 2018 Courses

Information subject to change; please consult the course schedule for the most updated info. It is possible there are additional, eligible electives not included in this list, as well as offerings in the course schedule that may be considered for PJHC elective credit. Please send any inquiries to the Program Administrator at hg16ATrice.edu. This page last updated August 9, 2018.

Note: For courses that cover different topics each semester (as noted by ** Not all topics ** in the list below), please consult with the Program Director and Administrator prior to registration in order to ensure the course will fulfill PJHC elective requirements.


PJHC 371: Poverty, Justice, and Human Capabilities (Strassmann)
10:50am–12:05pm TR


HIST 421: Race, Education, and Society in the Urban South (Byrd)
7–9:50pm T

SOCI 469: Community Bridges Training (1 of 2) (Whitehead)

SWGS 494: Pre-Seminar in Engaged Research (1 of 3) (Riedel)


ANTH 340: Neoliberalism and Globalization (Boyer)
2:30–5pm R

ECON 450: Economic Development (Calvi)
4–5:15pm MW

GLHT 314/CEVE 314/BIOE 365: Sustainable Water Purification for the Developing World (Loyo Rosales)
11am–12:15pm MW


HIST 278/HIST 378: Modern Arab History (Makdisi)
10–10:50am MWF

RELI 348: Christianity and Islam in Africa (Bongmba/Cook)
2–2:50pm MWF

RELI 378/RELI 561: Christianity in the Global South (Bongmba)
1–1:50pm MWF


EDUC 304: Race, Class, Gender in Education (Crear)
6–9pm W

HIST 202: Immigration in 20th and 21st Century United States Society (Rendon-Ramos)
4–4:50pm MWF

HIST 212: Contemporary China (Barlow)
2–3:15pm  MW

HIST 228: Modern Latin America (TBA)
1–2:15pm MW

HIST 251/LASR 251: Continuities and Changes in Brazilian History (Metcalf)
1–1:50pm MWF

HIST 266: Slavery and the Founding Fathers (Skidmore)
9:25–10:40am TR

HIST 295/HIST 395: The American South (Boles)
9–9:50am MWF

HIST 421/HIST 521: Race, Education, and Society in the Urban South (Byrd)
7–9:50pm T

POLI 235: African American Politics (Hayes)
9:25–10:40am TR

PSYC 333: Multicultural Psychology (Lesane-Brown)
10:50am–12:05pm TR

RELI 157/RELI 311: Religion and Hip Hop Culture in America (Pinn)
1–2:15pm TR

RELI 216: Religion and Black Lives Matter (Pinn)
9:25–10:40am TR

SOCI 424/SOCI 524: Race and Ethnicity Seminar (Bratter)
1–3:50pm T

SOCI 437/SOCI 537: Sociology of Education (Turley)
2–4:50pm W

SPPO 410: The City in Latin America (Heffes)
2–3:15pm MW


Includes electives from the two lists above, as well as:
ANTH 342: Ethnographies of Care (Zeweri)
5–7:30pm R

ASIA 303: Asia on the Move: Gender, Sexuality, and Global Migration (Hwang)
2–3:15pm MW

ECON 481: Health Economics (Ho)
9:25–10:40am TR

GLHT 201: Introduction to Global Health (Leautaud Suderland)
2:30–3:45pm TR

HEAL 222: Principles of Public and Community Health (Perkins)
9–9:50am MWF

HEAL 380/HEAL 580: Disparities in Health in America (Diep)
1–2:15pm TR

HIST 312: Biomedical Approach to History (Lopez Alonso)
11–11:50am MWF

POLI 260/LEAD 260: Advocating for Ideas to Change the World (Marschall; Vann)
4–5:15pm TR

SOCI 306/SWGS 324: Sociology of Gender (Paige)
10:50am–12:05pm TR

SOCI 319: Sociology of Work and Occupations (Chavez)
2:30–3:45pm TR

SOCI 345: Medical Sociology (Boyd)
2:30–3:45pm TR

SWGS 101: Introduction to the Study of Women, Gender, and Sexuality (TBA)
1:00–2:15pm TR (Section 1)
10:50am–12:05pm TR (Section 2)