Approved Electives

Students must choose three electives, including at least one course from the PJHC Non-Western elective list, one course from the Race and Ethnicity elective list, and a third from a broader list that also includes the Non-Western and Race and Ethnicity lists.

Italicized courses are no longer offered regularly.

Non-Western Courses

ANTH/ASIA 212 Perspectives on Modern Asia
ANTH 290 History and Ethnography of Race in Brazil

ANTH 340 Neoliberalism and Globalization
ANTH 343/RELI 342 New Religious Movements in Africa
ANTH 358 The Fourth World: Issues of Indigenous People

ASIA/ENGL 222 The World and South Asia
ASIA/RELI 232 Religions from India
ASIA 240/RELI 285/SWGS 240/SWGS 340 Gender and Politicized Religion
ASIA 251/POLI 250/SWGS 250 International Political Economy of Gender
ASIA/SWGS 302 Globalization, Gender, and Migration

ASIA 326 Temples, Technology, and Transitions: India in the 21st Century
ASIA 328/HIST 384/SWGS 384 Modern Girl and Asia in the World
ASIA 452 Gender and Transnational Asia
**Fall 2014 & earlier**ECON 450 World Economic & Social Development
ECON 460 International Development
ENGL 268 Introduction to Native American Literature
ENGL 376 Postcolonial Studies

ENGL 379 Introduction to Third World Literature
ENGL 380 Contemporary Anglophone Literatures
ENGL 383 Global Fictions
ENGL 387 Gendered Disaster Narratives and the Rhetoric of Mitigation Plans
ENGL 397.2 Literature and Human Rights
FSEM/HIST 155 The Invention of Africa
HIST 212 Contemporary China
HIST 215/315 Blacks in the Americas
HIST 226 Colonial Spanish America
HIST 227 Latin American Cultural Traditions
HIST 228 Modern Latin America
HIST 231 North, West, and Central Africa
HIST 232 East, Central, and Southern Africa
HIST/LASR 251 Continuities and Changes in Brazilian History
HIST 268 Modern Slavery
HIST 271 History of South Asia
HIST 278/378 Modern Arab History
HIST 279/379 The Caribbean in the Age of Revolution, 1770-1820
HIST/LASR 313 Modern Mexico
HIST 328 Poverty and Social Justice in Latin America
HIST 330 Atlantic Slave Trade and the Origins of Afro America
HIST 333 Culture of Identity Politics in Contemporary Brazil
HIST 335 Caribbean History to 1838
HIST 336 Caribbean History, 1838 to the Present
HIST 342 Modern China
HIST 376 Natural Disasters in the Caribbean
HIST 389 Migration and Diasporas in the Indian Ocean World
HIST 397 Economic History in the Americas
HIST 428 Slavery and Human Trafficking

HIST 478 Topics in Latin American History
**Fall 2016 section 2 only** POLI 238-002 Politics of Developing Nations
POLI 362 Comparative Urban Politics and Policy
POLI 458 Gender and Politics in the Middle East
POLI 459 Sex, Gender, and Political Representation in Latin America
RELI 111 Introduction to African Religions
RELI/SWGS 315 Gender and Islam

RELI 340 Theology in Africa
RELI 348 Christianity and Islam in Africa
RELI 356 Major Issues in Contemporary Islam
RELI 424 Religion and Politics in Africa
RELI 426 Religion and Literature in Africa
SOCI 342 Sociology of Globalization
SOCI 451 Immigration in a Global World
SPAN 402 The City in Latin America
SWGS 373 Women’s Social Movements in Latin America and the Caribbean
SWGS 374 Feminist and Queer Theory in the African Diaspora
SWGS 422 Gender and Global Economic Justice


Race and Ethnicity Courses

ANTH 290 History and Ethnography of Race in Brazil

ANTH/ASIA 387 Asian American Contemporary Communities
ANTH 443 Anthropology of Race, Ethnicity, and Health
EDUC 304 Race, Class, Gender in Education
EDUC 335 Urban Education
**Spring 2013 only** ENGL 260 Introduction to the Study of American Literature
ENGL 268 Introduction to Native American Literature
ENGL 369/SWGS 329 The American West and Its Others
ENGL 371/SPAN 396/SWGS 354 Chicano/a Literature
ENGL/SWGS 389 Youth Studies

ENGL 393 Black Manhattan: 1915-1940
ENGL 399 The Black Imaginary
FSEM/HIST 155 The Invention of Africa
ENGL 471 Chicano/a Literature
HIST 124 Race and Place in Early America

HIST 186 Historical Survey of the Jewish Civilization from its Origins to the Present
HIST 215/315 Blacks in the Americas
HIST 241/SWGS 234 US Women’s History I: Colonial Beginnings to the Civil War
HIST 242 US Women’s History II: Civil War to the Present
HIST/LASR 251 Continuities and Changes in Brazilian History

HIST 266 Slavery and the Founding Fathers
HIST 268 Modern Slavery
HIST 279/379 The Caribbean in Revolution
HIST 295/395 The American South
HIST 312 Black, Red, and White: Race and the American Revolution
HIST 335 Caribbean History to 1838
HIST 336 Caribbean History: 1838 to the Present
HIST/SWGS 338 Nineteenth-Century Women’s Narratives
HIST 374 Jewish History, 1500-1948
HIST/SWGS 398 The Ten Most Important Supreme Court Decisions in US History
HIST 421 Race, Education, and Society in the Urban South
HIST 427 History of the Civil Rights Movement
HIST 428 Slavery and Human Trafficking
LASR/SWGS 376 Chicana and Latina Immigrant Experience
POLI 330 Minority Politics

POLI 438 Race and Public Policy
POLI 483 US:Mexico Border Issues 
RELI 157/311 Religion and Hip Hop in America
RELI 270 Introduction to the Black Church in the US
RELI 312 The Religious Thought of Martin L. King, Jr. and Malcolm X
*Spring 2016 & earlier* RELI/SWGS 347 Sex and Gender in Modern Jewish Culture
RELI 357 What’s Religious about Black Religion?
RELI/SOCI 379 Contested Geographies: Race, Nation, and Diaspora
SOCI 300 Socio-Political Issues in Education
SOCI 301 Social Inequality
SOCI 309 Race and Ethnic Relations
SOCI 329 Multiracial America
SOCI 343 Race, Society, and Population Change
SOCI 346 Becoming Americans? Immigration
SOCI 347 Urban Inequality
SOCI 363 African American – Jewish Relations
SOCI 386 African Americans in Society
SOCI 437 Sociology of Education
SOCI 346 Becoming Americans? Immigration
SOCI 470 Inequality and Urban Life
SOCI 485 Racial Identities
SWGS 308 The Future of Food: Feminist, Queer, and Cultural Approaches
SWGS/JWST 348 Sex and Gender in Modern Jewish Culture
SWGS 373 Women’s Social Movements in Latin America and the Caribbean
SOCI 374 Feminist and Queer Theory in the African Diaspora

SOCI 377 Race, Power, and the Politics of Place
SOCI 451 Immigration in a Global World

GENERAL Electives

ANTH 342 Ethnographies of Care
ANTH 381 Medical Anthropology
**Fall 2016 section 1 only** ANTH 477-001 Disability Inside Out: Sexuality, Politics, Identity
BIOE/GHLT 360 Appropriate Design for Global Health
BIOE/GHLT 362 Bioengineering for Global Health Environment
ECON 481 Health Economics
**Fall 2013 & earlier** ECON 483 Public Finance
**Spring 2015 & earlier**ENGL 342/SWGS 372 The Victorian Novel
ENGL 354/SWGS 364 Queer Literary Cultures
ENGL 382/SWGS 380 Feminist Theory
GERM 332/HIST 459 Topics in Modern German History
GLHT 201 Bioengineering and World Health
HEAL 222 Principles of Public and Community Health
HEAL 380/498 Disparities in Health in America
HIST 340 History of Feminism
HIST 423 American Radicals and Reformers
HIST 438 Gender and History
HIST 448 European Welfare States
HIST 455 History of Human Rights
PHIL 307 Social and Political Philosophy
POLI/RELI 320 The Legal Framework of Religious Tolerance
POLI 329 Health Policy
POLI 331 Environmental Politics and Policy
POLI 332 Urban Politics
**Fall 2012 & earlier** POLI 338 Policy Analysis
POLI 356 Representation and Policy Making
POLI 437 Education Policy
PSYC/SWGS 331 Psychology of Gender
RELI 389 Medical Ethics after Holocaust
SOCI 303 Poverty and Public Policy
SOCI 306/SWGS 324 Sociology of Gender
SOCI 319 Work and Occupation
SOCI 338 Social Problems
SOCI 345 Medical Sociology
SOCI 368 Sociology of Disaster
SOCI 377 Health Disparities in the United States
SOCI 407 Gender Seminar
SOCI 423 Sociology of Food
SOCI 425 Population and Health Seminar
SOCI 438 Family Seminar
SOCI 465 Gender and Health
SWGS 101 Introduction to Women, Gender, and Sexuality
SWGS 201 Introduction to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered Studies
SWGS 385 Sexual Debates in the US: Social and Cultural Contexts
SWGS 470 Advanced Seminar in Poverty, Justice, and Human Capabilities
SWGS 496 Engaged Research Practicum
UNIV 315 Domestic Service Theory and Application I, UNIV 316 Domestic Service Reflections and Synthesis, and UNIV 317 Domestic Service Theory and Application II


(Last updated 4/4/2016)